What is Mindfulness? (Hint: You’re Probably Wrong)

By: Adam Katzen October 17, 2017 Most religions have the same components. There are guidelines for ethical conduct, something bigger than self… most talk about kindness, forgiveness, compassion and generosity. But there is one thing that sets Buddhism apart from most religions. That is mindfulness. So what is mindfulness? If you took a straw poll[…]

The 2,000 Year Old Practice that can Change Your Life

By: Brian Ritter We are fortunate to live in such an amazing time. Do you ever think about that? We are blessed with royal comforts, able to choose foods, experiences and entertainment that our grandparents could only dream of. We have the capability to travel anywhere in the world, and we carry endless knowledge in[…]

Why Everyone is Wrong in the ‘Take a Knee’ Debate

An Introduction to Right View on the Eight Fold Path By: Adam Katzen On Monday I opened Facebook (first mistake) and my feed was filled with opinions and angry rhetoric on whether or not an NFL football player should take a knee during the National Anthem. The story dominated the news for days. First, this[…]