What is Holonomic Healing?

October 13. 2017 Holonomic Healing is a metaphysical program created for energy perception and development.  It combines many advanced principles and practices to assist you in the integration of your understanding of energetic healing modality. By learning and practicing the knowledge in this system you will be able to greatly amplify and evolve your intuitive[…]

Sagely Willow Introduces Singing Bowl Sound Healing Meditation

For Immediate Release October 12, 2017       Delray Beach, FL Author of Can You Imagine World Peace, Sunny Arfa is coming to The Sagely Willow.  Join Meditation Expert and Founder of Feel Great Meditate, Sunny Arfa this Friday Oct. 13th at 7pm for The Feel Great Meditate Experience. Get ready to ELEV8TE your consciousness after learning tools and tips on[…]

Unchain Your Inner Goddess

By: Suzanne Gundersen October 12, 2017 For years I struggled feeling unsatisfied, unfulfilled and living an in-authentic life that had me coping and making excuses for who I was.  I had dysfunctional relationships (personal, family and professional) that seemed to become normal in my life.  I was exhausted, depleted and overwhelmed. One day I woke[…]

The 2,000 Year Old Practice that can Change Your Life

By: Brian Ritter We are fortunate to live in such an amazing time. Do you ever think about that? We are blessed with royal comforts, able to choose foods, experiences and entertainment that our grandparents could only dream of. We have the capability to travel anywhere in the world, and we carry endless knowledge in[…]

Is Working Out Silently Sabotaging your Health?

A Simple Technique to Restore Balance and Recover after Activity By: Suzanne Gundersen If you’re an athlete, or just someone who works out and plays hard, you likely push your body. Pushing ourselves can give us an edge in our sport or provide a physical result we desire. In this pursuit, most athletes actually over[…]

The Illusions of our Perception and Reality

By: Joe Tedesco October 3, 2017 What are the benefits and pitfalls of perceptual reality or wrong mindedness vs what A Course in Miracles calls the Real World or Right Mindedness? Knowing the difference between the two choices and the two voices speaking for each possibility, one becomes actively involved in choosing their experience instead[…]