How shocking events lead to healing. Have you ever been angry. A must read article on self healing

GOOD NEWS, ACTING OUT LEADS TO  DEEPER HEALING!!! Have you ever had a seemingly negative experience with another person in your lifetime? If you could imagine that every human being, who is out of balance and acting negatively, is actually experiencing a gift of understanding and direction, what would you say? I just had an[…]

How to be HAPPY and HEALTHY in a TOXIC world

How can you safeguard your personal health and the health of the ones you care most deeply for? I am going to share with you many simple ideas and realistic actions you can take to optimize and safeguard your health. This safeguarding health question is a burning question for many of my clients, and possibly[…]

What can our specialized massage do for you?

You, the consumer of massage. You, the person looking to have your mind/ body/ and spirit needs met. You, the person searching for relief of pain and or discomfort. You, the person that was highly recommended into our care. You, the person surfing the net looking for high vibrational, loving, concerned, compassionate massage/bodyworkers to turn[…]

Healthy Lifestyle Tips

“Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food”. -Hippocrates What did Hippocrates mean by that statement?  Perhaps he was saying if your dis-ease or dis-comfort could be cured by modifying the way you eat, then making changes to your diet is paramount to preventing and perhaps REVERSING dis-ease! As our medical[…]

5 Minute Veggies

Fill steamer with water, turn on, and get her puffin!! Make sure to have enough water to preheat and cook veggies without it drying up and scolding veggies, and pan.  The steamer will love you more! Select 3 types of desired veggies. i.e. kale, broccoli & carrot. Only eating three types at a time insures[…]

White Basmati Rice

While visiting friends last week for their house warming, we realized the importance of sharing secret tips for even the basic recipes. The rice we prepared together was happily received and enjoyed, by all!! To begin:  Rinse and strain 2 Cups of rice, till water runs clear, and set aside.  Bring 3 ¼  Cups of[…]