Michelle Christofaro joins The Sagely Willow to offer Biofeedback Sessions

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE November 15, 2017 The Sagely Willow Center for Well Being in Delray Beach FL is excited to offer EPR Biofeedback sessions with Michelle Christofaro beginning November 2017. Biofeedback is a non invasive, homeopathic treatment option that’s becoming more and more popular as people are becoming increasingly frustrated with our current approach to[…]

Can a Flower really stop Cancer, Anxiety, Chronic Pain and Alzheimer’s?

By: Adam Katzen October 10, 2017 Did you know that there is a chemical compound in a well-known flower that has the potential to slow the growth of cancer cells, help diabetics manage blood sugar, reverse osteoporosis related bone loss, reduce inflammation and slow the progression of Alzheimer’s? Even better, the same flower may help[…]

Sacred Feminine: A Mindful Movement Experience for Women

By: Neshema Kapara October 28, 2017 I’m so excited that The Sagely Willow has offered to host Sacred Feminine: Mindful Movement! If you are a woman who wants to feel sexy, have more energy, tone your body and boost your confidence then this is for you! Sacred Feminine combines breathwork, yoga, sexy stretching, pole dancing,[…]

The Most Important Twenty Minutes of Your Day

How One Simple Change can Change Everything By: Adam Katzen October 27, 2017 Neuroscience has shown there is a small window in your day that you can reprogram your brain, reshape your life and unlock new possibilities. It’s the same time for every human being. Focusing your mind, intention and energy during this twenty minute[…]

How to Shift Emotional States Using Energy

A Simple Way to Reduce Stress and Work Through Difficult Feelings By: Sula DePaula October 21, 2017   Are emotions running your life? The truth is most of us are using ineffective ways to manage the daily stress of life and living. Have you ever felt like there was so much going on that you[…]

Behold: A Poem by Keith Brooks

Behold is both the commandment and the salvation We are the witness and the protagonist of divine alchemy. We are the untethered wildcard whose essence is inextricably a part of the alchemical expansion of Life. We are a creative extension of that which creates. We are, as is all that is, a unique living expression[…]

What is Mindfulness? (Hint: You’re Probably Wrong)

By: Adam Katzen October 17, 2017 Most religions have the same components. There are guidelines for ethical conduct, something bigger than self… most talk about kindness, forgiveness, compassion and generosity. But there is one thing that sets Buddhism apart from most religions. That is mindfulness. So what is mindfulness? If you took a straw poll[…]