November 4, 2015

About Us


Who We Are and What We Are Up To...


     We are a master level, boutique massage therapy and bodywork company located in downtown Delray Beach, Fl. Quality, client satisfaction, and personalized attention is a strength of each massage therapist. We offer master level massage therapy & bodywork sessions of well known modalities like therapeutic massage, prenatal massage, deep tissue massage, sports massage, shiatsu massage as well as cutting edge modalities that are of our creation including our signature service called the Buff & Bodywork. We are a passionate staff of healing heart individuals, who are diligent about learning advanced modalities of hands on healing. We also double as a center for well being focused on experiential enlightenment.
     This offering comes in the form of multiple weekly meditation classes, breathwork transformation classes, community acupuncture, spirit channeling sessions, family yoga, instrumental sound healing, professional lectures, and heart healing concerts. We are here for our community, locally and at large! We also serve as "Healing Ambassadors". We have an extensive network of healing professionals and services that we refer our clientele to, so all imbalances and needs of our community are addressed.


A Master Level Massage Therapist is Standing By

Sage - Master Level Massage Therapist


Master Level  -  Buff & Bodywork  -  Deep Tissue  -  Reflexology  -  Energy Work

   Helping people is Sage's love and calling. He is passionate about healing and living. He possess the ability to read into clients and the origins of their pain and dysfunction. Many times these origins are due to physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual origins or a combination of all 4. This has been observed, over the years, to be the cause of the physical pains, depression, stress, fatiguie, and many other symptoms and disease states. He serves now as a guide to help people unwind and heal through his unique bodywork style and referral services to other proven holistic professionals. Logging more than 15,000 Massage & Bodywork hours, he has been directed to work with heart, intuition, and wisdom. Experiencing a near tragic accident and breaking his neck in 2013, allowed him to test all his wisdom,thoughts, and understandings about healing. Within a year afterwards he returned to normal life enjoying a full recovery. As a result of this and other life experiences, he now enjoys working beyond the boundaries of conventional massage therapy. He embraces multifaceted therapeutic massage and energy healing modalities, to have trans-formative bodywork sessions occur for his clients. Realizing that circulation is the key to healing, he embraced the use of vibrational tools and other elements such as the Bio Mat to render a new style of bodywork with astonishing results. Out of this, a new 4 part protocal and unique system of transformative bodywork has been created. This 4 part system is the assessment and grounding of a client, followed by the return of optimal circulation, balancing of the frame and structure, and clearing of trigger points and the balancing of energies. .

     He achieves this by drawing on years of study and training in reflexology, Chinese medicine, myofascial therapy , yoga, thai massage, meditation, structural integration, neuromuscular therapy, trigger point therapy, reiki, and energy work.  He enjoys creating customized bodywork sessions that combine various massage styles to achieve dynamic healing results.

Willow - Master Level Massage Therapist


Master Level - Deep Tissue  -  Sports Therapy  -  Prenatal  -  Labor Doula - Energy Work

    Willow Heinz is a highly skilled therapeutic massage therapist, who provides a strong force for healing transformation. She is a certified prenatal massage therapist and combines healing bodywork with intuitive energy work. Willow specializes in deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, shiatsu massage, Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques, therapeutic massage, and sports massage. As a former instructor of Pilates and Yoga, Willow’s understanding of body movement and muscle function make her proficient at reversing chronic and acute pain and reconnecting clients to personal strength.

     Willow appreciates the unique journey we all travel and cater to your healing accordingly. Her mission is to become aware and present every moment and to allow the beautiful gifts of life to continue presenting themselves.

     In this grace, Willow’s desire is to help you feel more alive, joyful, abundant in love, and to awaken to your own talents and uniqueness! In this space she utilizes her gifted ability to source where healing needs to occur within the body and compassionately facilitate it.


Medical Massage - Swedish - Sports Thai Stretching

With a background in D1 Collegiate Sports, Early Childhood Education, Massage, Alternative Modalities, Functional Anatomy and Yoga. Amanda is a senior Massage Therapist, practicing for over a decade.

Amanda has received classroom instruction and private mentorship, from some of the Massage and Yoga industries most recognized teachers. With a high proficiency in Sports/Thai Massage, Functional Movement Taping, Reflexology, and a love for multiple Yoga lineages; Amanda has logged over 8,000 hours of study and practice combined.

Amanda's objective is to provide the client with awareness of breath and release. Her practice uses meditation, specific breathing techniques, present moment focused sessions, and integrative massage protocols. Commitment to receiving massage is something she is deeply connected to.

Amanda personally loves relaxation and restoration from yoga and bodywork on a regular basis. Movement Therapy, daily self-massage, and self-care techniques are a huge part of a continued momentum towards healing.

Amanda encourages her clients to explore their options and is an avid advocate for regular Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Meditation, and Yoga practices.

Her approach allows the client to reach beyond massage therapy and into the world of daily self care and self love.


Buff & Bodywork - Deep Tissue - Medical Massage

Allison, a San Diego native, has worked as a Massage Therapist in Palm Beach County since 2005. As a sports enthusiast and yoga student, Allison is drawn to working with athletes and those affected by sports/yoga related injuries. Having knowledge in various methods of Medical Massage techniques, she customizes her sessions to assist the client in a full recovery. Allison’s mission is to encourage individuals to achieve life balance through their own personal wellness efforts. A firm believer in the connection between mind, body, and spirit, Allison is an advocate for regular massage. Those who choose a positive way to relieve physical and emotional stress.


Acupressure - Deep Tissue - Energy Work

 Being a natural born giver, Barbara was awakened by her desire to explore holistic bodywork and the positive impact she could provide to others seeking relief from their daily aches and pains.  Returning to NYC in late 2009, she seized the opportunity to work within the music and movie/tv production industry providing care to visiting musical artists at legendary mid-town venues and on location at production studios for staff and crew.  Barbara’s modalities of bodywork consist of not only deep tissue and acupressure but a practice of energy work specifically utilizing the shiatsu meridians coupled with Polarity Therapy; akin to Reiki, but with a hands-on approach, focusing on deep-breathing and a facilitation of releasing energetic tension that is congested and/or stagnant.  This profound energetic work allows for a deeper understanding of the connection between the body, mind and soul/spirit.  Barbara relocated Boca Raton in May 2014 and strives to create a “family” of clientele to provide the best possible care to each individuals’ needs and concerns and is thrilled to be a part of the Southeast Florida community.


Reiki Master - Buff & Bodywork - Table Thai - Sports/Deep Tissue - Relaxation

Kaz Bieluch is dedicated to helping you achieve balance, harmony, and a pain free life. His training in the healing arts and clinical massage therapy allow him to use an integrative approach to energy healing. His massage modalities include Swedish, deep tissue, thai, and the body buffer. He also incorporates singing bowls, crystals, Reiki and energy medicine along with various massage modalities and intuitively applies those that best meet the client’s needs.

Prior to massaging, Kaz worked as a pathologist’s assistant studying the anatomy of the body on a very intricate level. He started his path to energetic healing in 2010 after he received his first healing treatment that transformed his life. It helped him unlock his true purpose of wanting to help people in their healing process. In 2011 he received the Reiki 1 and 2 attunement and completed his Master’s in early 2016. He has studied under prominent leaders in the fields of massage, energy medicine, sound healing, and Reiki.

He believes a balanced mind, body, and spirit leads to health and wellness. And by addressing unbalanced energy through a combination of massage and energy medicine can diminish and even eliminate pain and stress. Thus, revitalizing our mind, body, and spirit to the natural vibrations of well-being and connection.

Kaz has first-hand experience in overcoming his own healing from surgeries, abuse, and addiction. His personal experience in receiving healing work has opened his heart and his soul path to helping others heal, so they too can experience the connection to from heart to soul. He believes the mind, body, and soul are all connected for this healing journey and that the body can store past traumas and can manifest physically. It is through daily practice, studying and evolving with energetic healing and massage, that Kaz has witnessed in himself and in others how balancing energy can produce deep and positive transformative results on the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual levels.


Deep Tissue - Myofascial Release - Reflexology 

Mascia Penha, LMT started her massage practice in 2009 in the state of New Jersey. Now living in South Florida since 2015, she has been perfecting her techniques as a body worker and expanding her knowledge of the physical, emotional and energy body. She started her training in a variety of modalities in the New York Tri-state area. Some of these include Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Medical, Sports, Prenatal, Swedish, Reflexology, Thai, Geriatric and Warm Stone Massage.

After years of experience, she has developed her unique style which is a blend of therapeutic and relaxation techniques with each session being specifically tailored to support her clients in their healing process. Sessions may include a combination of the modalities mentioned above with sound healing and energy work.
For the past seven years Mascia has worked in a rehabilitation center and reputable spas in NY, NJ and Florida. She has had the experience of working with athletes, pregnant women, the elderly and people with a variety of injuries and ailments such as Parkinson’s and Cancer.

“I've had personal experience with what mindful healing touch can do in creating balance, relaxation and an immediate shift in the body and mind. Therapeutic touch can profoundly change one's quality of life. Because of this, I have dedicated my career to improving myself as a therapist, always evolving my intuitive style, and listening to my clients' needs in order to provide them with their personalized healing experience.”


Swedish - Aromatherapy - Swe-Thai Stretching

Sarina graduated from Palm Beach Academy of Health in 2004 and has applied a variety of modalities full time for 12 years. She is committed to the idea that massage done regularly is your health tool for longevity.
She combines deep tissue technique with sports stretching and a very soothing approach.
Her goal is to help you escape your hectic schedule in each session - using aromatherapy oils, our buffer, kneading, and hot towels.
Many come to her to relax, ease headaches and for relief from sports tightness between golf games or workouts.
Her background in both the spa and chiropractic setting enables her to listen to what you want focused on ... her hand work will release tension and help you maintain a healthy life so you float out and feel results ..


Studio Manager 

Although Laura's official title at The Sagely Willow is Studio Manager, her role is more of an expert listener & unconditional provider of endless support- for all of the clients, in addition to The Sagely Willow therapists!  Laura brings a professional yet warm & nurturing energy to the studio. She has two young children & considers them to be her greatest teachers! Prior to parenthood, Laura spent many years at a financial planning firm. "I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to transition to The Sagely Willow. Being a busy mom can sometimes be a handful but I feel so blessed to be in such a positive, healing environment.  Being a part of The Sagely Willow family has greatly shifted my peace & wellbeing. I am so grateful! I can truly appreciate the transition that our clients experience & feel so lucky to have had some part in facilitating such positive changes!"Laura loves getting to know our clients & getting feedback from you! Next time you see her in the studio or speak on the phone, be sure to share your experience with her; she is working hard to help us all raise the bar for what it means to have a Sagely Willow Massage & we can't do it without you!